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We love music !!

agnès b. has always lived in music!
From Bob Marley’s 33 tours that kept going on in the first shop opened in 1976 rue du Jour to the web radio that the stylist launches now, music has always occupied an important place.

César & Rosalie

Friday April 9, 3PM (Paris time)

After « Les choses de la vie », Transversales proudly presents the first ever LP reissue of this classic Philippe Sarde soundtrack.
« As it happens, Philippe is less interested in his natural function which is to write music sheets... than in the film itself. And I, somehow, am as much, and perhaps more interested in the music than in the film itself. There lies the deep reason for our paradoxical relationship.” These are the words French film director Claude Sautet used to define his collaboration with the French prodigious composer.
The « Cesar et Rosalie » score is like a magical bridge linking baroque and electronic music, mixing Moog synthesizer sequences with acoustic instruments.
Compared to the original CAM LP, this reissue contains 6 unreleased tracks that were removed from the original tracklisting. Among them a Mariage 72 in Bacharach style and a beautiful piano version of the theme performed by Philippe Sarde himself. It obviously contains Romy Schneider’s famous voice-over in the unforgettable track La lettre de Rosalie.

Oxmo Puccino playlist

Wednesday April 7, 3PM (Paris time)

Agnès wanted to invite her artist and musician friends to create playlists for agnès b. radio. Discover the Oxmo Puccino playlist on Monday April 7 from 3 PM (Paris time) and also available on the agnès b. spotify

Mustafa The Poet - Stay alive
Dinos - Cesaire
French The Kid - Broke Toys
Ballaké Sissokho - Frotter les mains
Seu Jorge - Zé do carço
Benjamin Epps - Samba les couilles
Saskia - La Mer
Ben Mazué & Pomme - J'attends
Jade - Diddy
Notorious BIG - Who shot ya
Bob James - Nautilus
Ali & Toumani - Samba Geladio
Kendrick Lamar - Element
James Blake - Always

Section 26 news playlist

Friday April 2, 3PM (Paris time)

First selection of spring with a good thirty titles, whose eclecticism will not surprise regulars. Always on the hunt for obscure newcomers like Spiritual Mafia, Freshberry, Dumb Train or Seppuku, we also went to explore the freshness of more recognized artists like Lana Del Rey, but also JaneWeaver, A Certain Ratio, Gruff Rhys and Aldous Harding who are part of of those who hardly ever disappoint us. Without forgetting the shock Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & TheLondon Symphony Orchestra. A modern pop puzzle, flowery and cheerful, in short ...

01. Jim McCulloch, When I Mean What I Say (Violette Records)
02. Maxwell Farrington & Le SuperHomard, We, Us the Pharaohs (Talitres)
03. Aldous Harding, Revival - cover Deerhoof (4AD)
04. Marinero, Nuestra Victoria (Hardly Art)
05. Sven Wunder, En Plein Air (Piano Piano)
06. Matt Low, Vert Pomme (Microcultures)
07. Lisa Li-Lund, Two Wheels (Pan European Recordings)
08. Marie Delta, Fleurir (La Souterraine)
09. Special Friend, Ennemi Commun (Howlin’ Banana / Hidden Bay Records)
10. Freshberry, 27 Club (autoproduction)
11. Dumb Train, Magmag (Too Good To Be True)
12. Seppuku, The Office (Si Moiré Disques)
13. The Reds, Pinks & Purples, The Biggest Fan (Slumberland / Tough Love)
14. Jane Weaver, Heartlow (Fire Records)
15. A Certain Ratio, Wonderland (Mute Records)
16. Silk Sonic, Leave the Door Open (Atlantic)
17. Lana del Rey, White Dress (Interscope)
18. Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra, Movement 7
19. Field Music, Not When You're in Love (Memphis Industries)
20. Sourdure, Nostra Foeira (Murailles Music)
21. Gruff Rhys, Loan Your Loneliness (Rough Trade)
22. Bosco Rogers, Polar Moves (Bleepmachine)
23. The Peacers, Ms. Ela Stanyon's School of Acting (Drag City)
24. Todd Briefly, The Extensive Waterways of the United Kingdom (Just Step Sideways)
25. Holiday Ghosts, Off Grid (Fatcat Records)
26. Unschooling, Social Chameleon (Howlin’ Banana)
27. Squid, Paddling (Warp)
28. TDA, Présence (Michel Records)
29. Kükens, Conseils (autoproduction)
30. Surprise Barbue, Kabukichō (Zamzamrec)
31. Spiritual Mafia, Lunch (Anti Fade / Ever/Never)
32. The Drin, (I'm) on 75 (Future Shock)
33. Il est Vilaine, Les Mystères de Lorient feat. Narumi Hérisson (Dialect Recordings)
34. Driftmachine, Memories of the Lakeside (Umor Rex)

Rone & Friends

Friday March 26, 3PM (Paris time)

Rone's Rone & Friends album will be available to listen at 3pm on the day it is released worldwide. On the occasion of the release of this album Rone to make a playlist for agnès b. radio, will be present on the Spotify account agnès b.

Mark Cohen, La Fab. playlist

Friday March 19, 3PM (Paris time)

This week for "Friday radio" we are highlighting the artist Mark Cohen for the fist La Fab. playlist for agnès b. radio.

Tracklist :
1. ERROL GARNER - Lullaby of Birdland
2. BILLIE HOLIDAY - Do nothin till you hear from me
3 BOB DYLAN - Hurricane
4. NINA SIMONE - Little Liza Jane
5. DAKOTA STATON - Someone to watch over me
6. JOHN COLTRANE - My Favorite Things
7. AHMAD JAMAL - I’ll take romance
8. BOB MARLEY - Crazy Baldheads
9. DAVE BRUBECK - Take Five
10 MAHALIA JACKSON- Didn’t it rain
11. THELONIOUS MONK - Lulu’s back in town
12. YUSEF LATEEF- Love theme from Spartacus
13. MILES DAVIS - Autumn Leaves
14. DONALD FAGEN - I.G.Y. - The Nightfly

spotify :

Section 26 playlist

For 3 years, the Section26 team has been proclaiming its love of modern pop once a day on the web. If it is difficult to be sure of anything these days, there is still one thing we can assure you: each month, for agnès b. radio, we will take stock of our favorite musical releases here through a playlist that will concentrate most of our freshest discoveries, whether pop, post-punk, rock far from dead or electronic. Open your ears!

> Listen

1. Rat Columns, Candlelight (Tough Love Records)
2. White Flowers, Daylight (Tough Love Records)
3. Arab Strap, Here Comes Comus! (Rock Action Records)
4. Ski Saigon, It's Already Tomorrow (Too Good To Be True)
5. Virginia Wing, St. Francis Fountain (Fire Records)
6. Reymour, Le Flot de ces Mots (Knekelhuis)
7. Lael Neale, Blue Vein (Sub Pop)
8. Marina Allen, Oh, Louise (Fire Records)
9. Pi Ja Ma, Bisou (Bleepmachine)
10. Pretty in Pink, Letters (Eternal Soundcheck)
11. Holiday Ghosts, Mr. Herandi (FatCat Records)
12. Ryan Allen, On My Mind (Futureman Records)
13. Dinosaur Jr., I Ran Away (Jagjaguwar)
14. Real Estate, Half a Human (Domino)
15. Spirit of the Beehive, The Server is Immersed (Saddle Creek)
16. Bill Callahan, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, The Wild Kindness (feat. Cassie Berman) (Drag City Records)
17. Whitney K, Late Night (Maple Death Records)
18. Italia 90, Borderline (Brace Yourself Records)
19. Maraudeur, Face/Figure (Autoproduit)
20. Mustang, Pas Cher de la Nuit (Close Harmonie / Prestige Mondial)
21. Dry Cleaning, Strong Feelings (4AD)
22. Cheval Sombre, Sonic Boom, Curtain Grove (Sonic Cathedral Recordings)
23. Lucy Gooch, Ash and Orange (Fire Records)
24. Maria BC, Devil's Rain (Fear of Missing Out Records)
25. Cassandra Jenkins, Hard Drive (Ba Da Bing Records)
26. Cathal Coughlan, Owl in the Parlour (Dimple Disc)
27. Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, White Elephant (Goliath Enterprises Limited)
28. Matt Sweeney, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Hall of Death (Drag City)
29. Veik, Difficult Machinery (Fuzz Club)
30. Tänzmachine II, Kebabträume (autoproduit)
31. Blackmail, Guinée-Bissau (Yuk-Fü Records)
32. Colleen, Gazing at Taurus - Santa Eulalia (Thrill Jockey Records)
33. Tsirihaka Harrivel, Je Tiens (Teenage Menopause)
34. Kero Kero Bonito, The Princess and the Clock (Kero Kero Bonito)
35. Pauline Anna Strom, Tropical Convergence (RVNG Intl.)
36. La Houle, Toi (Ce Moi) (Music From The Masses)
37. Fritz, Pastel (Inertia Music)
38. The Horrors, Lout (Caroline International)
39. Black Dresses, We'll Figure It Out (blacksquares)
40. Taqbir, Sma3 (autoproduit)

Cubo live sessions volume 2, I:Cube

Friday March 5 2021, 3PM (Paris time)

In exclusivity and for the release of the second volume we going to play on agnès b. radio the 2 volumes.

Improvising as a way to end a track, a moment in time lasting forever, a singularity as a constant: this is the illusion created by I:Cube for these Cubo Live Sessions: to jam and to edit, a free conversation with his machines.

This new found freedom is a natural evolution following years of hard work in the Versatile basement. We used to hear Cube sweating for days on a single sound or loop, we know through those Live Sessions that Cube has realised that perfection is not of this world. Or rather that perfection precisely is that ephemeral instant, that will to capture a dream and bring back a fragment from his multidimensional travels.

From this precarious equilibrium, this big bang, proceeds an entire universe, an almost living organism. I:Cube always touched by grace, smiling demiurge building track by track an ever growing intimacy with his listeners.

Facebook :
Instagram :
Soundcloud :
Shop :

Mutador, Alan Vega

Friday February 26th, 3 PM (Paris time)

Discover "Nike Soldier", the first single of Alan Vega new album "Mutador" release on Sacred Bones records. The album is going to be release in April 23.

Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes, le documentaire

Friday, February 5th, 3PM (Paris Time)

Discover the 3rd compilation Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes.

For this third opus of the compilation Des Jeunes Gens Mödernes, in homage to the post-punk scene and hexagonal cold wave late 70’s early 80’s, Jean-François Sanz and Marc Collin pool their respective discos, carefully selecting 24 tracks, rarities and unpublished for this double LP, BEATITUDE agnès b. MUSIC/ Kwaidan Records, and proposing a retrofuturistic sound journey through this rich, diverse and innovative musical period.

The disc is already sold out, but a second pressing is underway and it will be available again at the end of February in records stores and some agnès b. shops. Meanwhile, you can the pre-order via the Diggers Factory website.

Broadcasting François de Roubaix, “Les Secrets de la Mer Rouge”

Friday January 29th 2021, 3 AM (Paris time)

For the first time on LP, François de Roubaix’s full score for the French TV series “Les Secrets de la Mer Rouge”, an adaptation of the epic travel, through the Middle East, of the famous writer and explorer Henri de Monfreid. This album is a collection of the original (1967) themes and those recorded later in 1975 when the TV series was continued.

In the 1967 soundtrack, de Roubaix uses various flutes, marine conches, and for underwater views, unexpected instruments such as a celesta or a crystal xylophone. By 1975, electronic technology had dramatically developed and this evolution is clearly apparent when one listens to the recordings of the two seasons. For the later 1975 series, de Roubaix composed a new music score, mixing old and new sounds, a great combination of EMS VCS3 synthesizer subtly mixed with acoustic instruments. For François de Roubaix, there was never a border between fiction, life and music, and writing music for “Les secrets de la Mer Rouge” was an extension of his love of the open sea.

jumping dead Leafs? Tolouse Low Trax

Tolouse Low Trax’s 4th solo album Jumping Dead Leafs, release on September 11th. Listen it on agnès b. radio Friday September 11th at 6 pm.

We’re New Again, reimagined by Makaya Mccraven

Friday 14 February, at 8pm, do not miss the full broadcast of the album We’re New Again reimagined by Makaya Mccraven on the agnès b. web radio! 

see more

Original soundtrack Le Bel été by The Limiñanas

Listen to the Le Bel été soundtrack, composed by The Limiñanas on agnès b. radio on Friday, November 15 from 2:30 pm (Paris time)!
11 tracks, all composed by the duo from Perpignan, with the single One Blood Circle in duo with Etienne Daho, who describes this collaboration as: "I slipped into their music like in a box. Two voice shots and the song was in the box. Some meetings are evidence." E. Daho

buy the album

Immanent Fire, Emily Jane White

For more than 10 years, Emily Jane White has accompanied us with her enchanting song, and with it the delicacy of her woody folk melodies. Less is known about her social and political involvement. Immanent Fire, her 6th opus (released on November 15), makes an alarming observation: biological annihilation, acceleration of extinction of species, social and economic disorders. The themes are dark, but a new serenity emerges from this album anchored in our time and which will be a landmark. 3 dates in December: 5 Le Botanique (Brussels), 11 Le Grand Mix (Tourcoing) and 12 Les Etoiles (Paris). Listen to Immanent Fire on agnès b. radio on November 15 at 11am (Paris time)!

buy the album

One Blood Circle, The Limiñanas, featuring Etienne Daho

Listen to One Blood Circle, first single from the original soundtrack of Le Bel Été, movie by Pierre Créton, release in theatres on November 13, directed by The Limiñanas with Étienne Daho, available on November 15th in vinyl and digital, with 11 tracks composed by The Limiñanas, already available in pre-order.

order the album

Satis Factory, Mattiel

Following encouragement from Jack White during a chance encounter in Nashville with her chief musical inspiration and eventual touring partner, Mattiel made the crucial decision to jumpstart her musical journey with songs rooted in gospel, rock n’ soul, hip-hop and new wave. Less than five years later Mattiel stands as one of the most singular and buzzed-about acts in rock music. Her new album Satis Factory, the follow up to last years critically acclaimed self titled debut is out now on Heavenly Recordings/PIAS

learn more

Sergeï, Lucie Antunes

With Sergeï, Lucie Antunes comes to explode the standards with big blows of chopsticks on the blades of her marimba, her vibraphone, the skins stretched of her battery. Sergeï is the furious project of a young percussionist who made her weapons in a rather classical way and whose horizon does not cease to expand with the dancefloor as a line of sight and the clearly expressed will to tell oneself on a disc. Made without computers or artifacts, this instrumental and percussive music is cut for dance and night with the ambition to break boundaries, shake genres and make the dancefloor more beautiful, softer, bigger, smarter and more open. Lucie’s music is not closed to anyone. Behind each of the tracks that compose his album hides a story, something that has been felt and lived in silence and that comes to explode without shadow. She is there, powerful and sensitive, personal and intense. Released on October 4th.

listen to

Providence, Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright is back and releases her new album, Providence, an album played entirely on the piano, instrument for the first time invested as a unique ally to her voice. It is without any other protection and in the form of poems that Shannon Wright declares with all the emotional power that we know a collection of very touching and personal stories.
Shannon Wright’s music provokes a raw and overwhelming emotion. It transports you, invades you and drowns you, but always saves you. It is a journey into a melancholy and restless world, often desperate but terribly vivacious. Shannon Wright’s music is an auditory antioxidant, a benefactor upheaval, an indispensable cure.
Listen in full Friday 20 September at 2pm on the agnès b. radio.

Engine of Paradise, Adam Green

On September 7th, listen to Engine of Paradise, Adam Green’s new album on agnès b. radio!
Adam Green is a successful polymorphic artist, composer, director, painter, sculptor and poet. As a solo artist, he has recorded ten albums, many of which have become cult records, and his songs have been performed by artists as diverse as The Libertines, Carla Bruni, Kelly Willis, Dean & Britta and Will Oldham.
On September 6, he released his tenth solo album: Engine of Paradise, recorded in Brooklyn (New York) by Loren Humphrey. To make us wait, Adam Green devoured us the excellent Freeze my Love, but also Cheating On A Stranger where we can hear choirs signed by Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine)!
Exploring the same themes as his next album, Green also publishes his first graphic novel, a psychedelic war epic entitled War and Paradise.

"agnès b. likes..." serie, let's go!

agnès b. lauches a serie of limited edition 45T with Frédéric Lo, Pritchard & Lo, Daniel Darc and many other prestigious guests...
To celebrate the release of the 45T with Frédéric Lo, 1st of the serie, a disc is offered for every purchase in the 3 & 6 rue du Jour shops... on the basis of the "first arrived, first served" mecanism from June 27!
Soon... listen to Frédéric Lo playlist specially done for agnès b. web radio

Maestro In the Chamber

agnès b. supports the release of Maestro In the Chamber, from Maestro, on June 14 and offer you a vinyle for every purchase in the 3 & 6 rue du Jour shops... always on the "first arrived, first served" basis (and until stocks lasts)! Maestro will be playing on June 20 for the Festival 36h at Saint Eustache Church and on September 29 at Philharmonie of Paris within the Catherine Ringer carte blanche.
Listen to all the album on agnès b. web radio Friday 14 June and Saturday 15 June from 2pm.

Festival 36 heures Eglise Saint-Eustache

On June 20 and 21, during 36 heures, a free concerts marathon is taking place in the Halles Cathedral... right in front of the very first agnès b. shop opened worldwide!
Many artists followed by agnès b. will play: Léonie Pernet, Maestro and Jeanne Added… to quote few!
Free entrance

learn more

"Love in the Afternoon", the summer radio playlists series to listen on agnès b. web radio

Series of mixes and playlists for naps, slow tempo songs, ballads and dreamy soundtracks, on the agnès b. radio from… now! to listen on the agnès b. web radio every Wednesdays and Sundays afternoons from 2pm.
Designed and launched by musician and DJ Matthieu Beck in 2015, Love In The Afternoon invites artists and "Diggers" from all sides to share their ideal musical siesta - Rozi Plain, Kassin, François & The Atlas Mountains, Scott Gilmore or Florent Mazzoleni, among others, did their part.
Love In The Afternoon could sometimes be afternoons parties - a series of events in the collective gardens of Grow Elephant in London in 2016 - or in DJ sets in audiophile places of the English capital - Brilliant Corners, Spiritland - with guests with wide and safe tastes - Bahamian Moor, Time Is Away, Cosmic Neman...