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agnès b.’s endowment fund

The endowment fund “Agnès Troublé dite agnès b.” was created in 2009 as a structure for the sponsorship, partnership and philanthropic projects carried out by the agnès b. brand and by Agnès herself, for more than 40 years. It is financed by Agnès personally.

The endowment fund is used in three main areas that are dear to Agnès: supporting humanitarian causes, supporting art and culture, and protecting the environment.

Supporting humanitarian and community projects

agnès b.’s endowment fund collaborates with 25 to 40 charities and non-profit organizations each year. These organisations work all over the world in various fields: literacy, child protection, welcoming migrants and refugees, providing access to water and health services, combating HIV/AIDS, supporting isolated women and more.

The fund supports long-term actions over several years, but also responds in social and humanitarian emergencies. It helps large as well as small organisations. It thus partners with large organisations such as Fondation Abbé Pierre, Secours Populaire, and Human Rights Watch.

For example, it supported Secours Populaire’s “To be Solidaire” auction of skateboards and longboards decorated by artists. The fund also works with smaller charities, such as Ikambere, which supports women with HIV, and Le Monde en Tête, which organises writing workshops for refugees, in partnership with the organisation Kodiko.

The fund does not aim to replace public support for charities. It rather seeks to complement existing support and bring help to cultural or humanitarian organisations located outside the scope of public action.

Humanitarian products

The agnès b. brand collaborates with the endowment fund to give visibility to these humanitarian causes. In the stores, “humanitarian products” are offered for sale, whose proceeds are donated to organisations seeking to provide long-term aid to populations in danger. In buying these products, everyone can contribute to causes supported by the endowment fund.

Some products have been on offer in the stores for a very long time: in particular the red scarf against HIV/AIDS, sold since 1998 to support different charities combating HIV/AIDS, such as Solidarité Sida, Ikambere, and Actupien. Others are sold periodically, in response to an emergency situation, as is the case for the SOS Méditerranée scarf, available in stores since 2017.


Supporting art, culture and creation

The second focus of the endowment fund is to support artistic projects at all stages of creation: support for writing, production, post-production, etc. This support is mainly for the most vulnerable projects.

Passionate about art in all its forms, Agnès has always wanted to support contemporary creation using various means. The fund thus offers the opportunity for artists to disseminate their creations to the public and to professionals. It organises various individual and collective exhibitions for artists each year, in galleries belonging to the agnès b. brand (la Galerie du Jour and also several galleries located in some of the agnès b. shops) or during various contemporary art salons (in particular Paris Photo or Photodoc).

The endowment fund also manages la Galerie du Jour, opened by Agnès in 1984 near her first shop on rue du Jour in Paris. In 1997, the gallery moved to rue Quincampoix, then in 2020 to within La Fab. Artists that Agnès wants to highlight in particular are shown there. Finally, relying on her instinct and eclectic tastes, Agnès has a collection of art objects made up of more than 5,000 pieces. The endowment fund is responsible for preserving this collection and presenting it to the public. It has been exhibited in various prestigious museums and festivals in France and internationally. Since February 2020, it has been presented in La Fab., the headquarters of agnès b.’s endowment fund.

La Fab.

Tara and a commitment to the planet

The third focus of agnès b.’s endowment fund defends environmental causes by supporting Tara Ocean Foundation

The Tara project aims to study and understand the impact of climate change and the ecological crisis on the oceans, so as to preserve them better. For Agnès and her son Etienne Bourgois, who both initiated this project, this is a humanist commitment, a sense of responsibility to the planet and to future generations.

The endowment fund participates in particular in artists’ residencies on board Tara. During the 2014 Mediterranean and 2016 Pacific missions, the artists Tara welcomed on board were free to produce any works they wanted. A new artists’ residency is planned for 2021. This original way to support contemporary art production, also raises general awareness of the Tara project, and supports the ecological cause.

Tara Ocean Foundation