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Agnès b.

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fashionshow women
summer 2019

... This season, I got fun once again... Too many ideas? i don’t know...
We are not all the same and... we are not the same everyday

agnès b. likes to create clothes. For Summer 2019, as she claims in the show’s notes, she had fun, and she offers many looks, because we are not all the same… and we are not the same every day!

She created a digital printed design with the photos she posts on her personal Instagram account – on a coat lining, a dress, and a snap cardigan. Sweatshirt and T-shirt printed by Mambo’s graphic drawings or reversible digital print parka with Bertrand Loubé colored artworks complete these rather “street” silhouettes.

Brown suede dress and tunic paired with a real herdsman’s pants made by Les Indiennes de Nîmes, in the true Camargue spirit. And always the black and white Vichy, button up V neck dresses, doubled buttoned beige striped linen and V collar dresses to wear in the city in the spring!

The color is not forgotten with seagreen overdyed mini jumpsuit and Peter Pan collar dress and several silhouettes which call for travelling… blue lagon Batik inspired pattern for a kimono, yellow and blue floral print Indian traditional Batik for pants cinched at the ankle or a long wrap-around skirt in green Indonesian Batik cotton with yellow and orange flowers.

Summer… vacation, it is warm and the designer proposes green cotton lace top that is Made in France and a pair of shorts in fluorescent green and a yellow polyamide Perfecto jacket. Also strapless dresses with her wide red and pink horizontal emblematic stripes or inverted red and blue… agnès b. also played with stripes and color by mixing the widths and the colors: horizontal blue, yellow and white for a skirt buttoned in front or red, yellow and white for a square neck dress!

And for the night, the “summer city-dweller” version, with white crepe open back or kimono sleeve dresses with exclusive printed patterns “colored fans” or “lemon” and also bustier-dress or thin shoulder straps black satin cotton dresses.

The garments presented are not only for the show,
they will be sold in our shops during the spring summer 2019.