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Agnès b.

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Spring Court & agnès b.

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For her men, women and children 2019 spring-summer collection, agnès b. takes possession of the mythical Spring Court Tennis shoes, created in 1936 by Georges Grimmeisen, his founder, fascinated by this new sport at the time.

Obviously, the collaboration born from the meeting of these two committed houses, fervent ambassadors of French chic throughout the world, initializes the era of a new esth-ethics.

agnès b. takes possession of the mythical Spring Court Tennis shoes!

Symbols of several generations, their models seduce by their out of time elegance and their unique know-how. This is why the tennis shoes from their association have simple and clean lines whose black and white colors reveal the famous lizard, cult agnès b. logo, dressing for the occasion the eternal tennis canvas of its recognizable pop graphics among all.

an exclusive line

agnès b. loves summertime, the heat and the sea… nothing surprising, then, that she has chosen to affix, since her beginnings, a small lizard, drawn by her hand and then stylized, on t-shirts, sweatshirts and also accessories! The stylist especially likes this little reptile that lazes in the sun… synonymous with holiday, pleasure, taking the time to live and enjoy these special moments. This iconic design has become a true sign of recognition.

Inspired by this collaboration, agnès b. has imagined an exclusive unisex line, adorned with her legendary logo: sweat, shorts, cap, sock… all in black and white, for a definitely easy look!
for sale in agnès b. stores from 13 March…

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