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Agnès b.

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WeWantSounds playlist

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Listen to the two WeWantSounds label playlists, every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, between 6 and 7.30pm. 53 songs specially chosen for the agnès b. radio by the label in his eclectic and particular catalogue, between black mixed music, pop music and soundtracks.

The catalog of the label WeWantSounds is builds around the big meridians which underlie its musical DNA: from the Negro music of any horizons to the pop conjugated in many prefixes (synth-pop, Japan-pop, electro music-pop and co), of the Hip-hop to the electronic musics including soundtracks of movies worldwide. The label revolves around its two headquarters of Paris and London, between grooves in the very cockney franchise and the elegance in a very Frenchy naughtiness. Its timeline refrains itself from nothing, since the eccentricities of sixties until the most modern inventions, republications in compilations, playlists in radio programs.

Playlist #1
01/ Los Porcos – Jone’s Disco 02/ Henri Salvador – Rendez-vous au Lavandou 03/ Hiroshi Sato – Son Go Kuw 04/ Dave Grusin – Theme from The Friends of Eddie Coyle 05/ Sounds of inner City – Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman 06/ Hadley Caliman – Cigar Eddie 07/ Monika – Secret In The Dark (Juan MacLean Edit) 08/ Jean Constantin – Ecole buissonnière (Les 400 coups) 09/ Jack Wilkins – Red Clay 10/ Afrique – House Of The Rising Funk 11/ Akiko Yano – Tadaima 12/ Louie Austen – Hoping (Herbert’s High Dub) 13/ Marvin & Guy – Makin’ Love (Extended) 14/ Don Cherry, Ramuntcho Matta – Treat Your Lady Right 15/ Hiroshi Sato – Kalimba Night 16/ Serge Gainsbourg – Psychastenie 17/ Buddy Terry – Inner Peace 18/ Akiko Yano – Iroha ni Konpeito 19/ Bob McFadden & Dor – Beat Generation 20/ Don Cherry, Ramuntcho Matta – I Walk 21/ Buddy Terry – Stealin’ Gold 22/ Justine & The Victorian Punks – Still You 23/ Akiko Yano – Harusaki Kobeni 24/ Carmen McRae – Feeling Good

Playlist #2
01/ Joakim – Nothing Gold (Todd Terje Mix) 02/ Akiko Yano – Itsuka Ojisamaga 03/ Bones & Beeker – Samana 04/ Bob Azam – Viens à Juan Les Pins 05/ Jack Wilkins – Canzona 06/ Hiroshi Sato – Picnic 07/ Don Cherry, Ramuntcho Matta – Bamako Love 08/ Barry Miles – Scatbird 09/ Shigeto – Pulse 10/ Bon Voyage Organisation – Shenzhen V 11/ Akiko Yano – Tsugaru Tour 12/ Dave Grusin – Clean Cut 13/ Shelly Manne – Infinity 14/ Don Cherry, Ramuntcho Matta – Kick 15/ Serge Gainsbourg – Le requiem pour un con 16/ Dave Grusin – Jackie meets Pete and Andrea 17/ Bufiman – Running (The Chase) 18/ Dave Grusin – Mr. Connection 19/ Alice Clark – Never Did I Stop Loving You 20/ LeonxLeon – Acid Disco 21/ Hiroshi Sato – Hikaru Kaze 22/ Buddy Terry – Kamili 23/ Laure Briard – C’est la vie 24/ Akiko Yano – Ashkenazi Who 25/ Ruede Hagelstein & The Noblettes – Berlin 26/ Sonny Red – Love Song 27/ Buddy Terry – Abscretions 28/ Dave Grusin – Shopping Centre 29/ Roy Haynes – Senyah.mp3

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