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Agnès b.

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Hallelujah!, Frédéric Lo

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Frédéric Lo's new album

Listen to Hallelujah ! Frédéric Lo‘s new album, in EXCLUSIVITY on agnès b. webradio from February 14, (release of the album chez Water music February 15)… first disc of a series of partnership between agnès b. and Water music!

Since all these years, Frédéric Lo has accumulated compositions, finding, within his multiple collaborations, friendly and inspired lyricists, after having signed lyrics and music of a first title proclaimed in concert and with the stubborn melody: This dark object of desire, today interpreted in duo with Stephan Eicher and real immediate tube. “The deaths of Daniel Darc, Hubert Mounier and especially my father have made me put things into perspective. Afterwards, I had to find the right balance between the artist I was and the director I became”, admits Frederic.

Listening to the album, one is bluffed by the addition of talents gathered without them ever altering the purpose or the power of evocation of Frédéric Lo, who signs the best record of his career. An avalanche of potential singles (La Clairière, Cet obscur objet du désir with Stephan Eicher,Dire avec Alex Beaupain, En temps et en heure, Égaré dans la nuit sur des mots de Daniel Darc)meets some chilly ballads (Le Bruit qui court, Come with Elli Medeiros, Eno Song with Robert Wyatt on lyrics of René Char, Sortez les clowns on lyrics of Benjamin Biolay).” “I would have taken the time,” he said in a broad smile, “but I went to the end of what I wanted to accomplish.” Hallelujah! so.

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