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Agnès b.

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Brush mind no merit, Carolyn Carlson

exhibition from June 7 to 14, 2018, Paris
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From June 7 to 14, the Galerie du Jour agnès b. presents a rare exhibition with graphic artworks by Carolyn Carlson.

Carolyn Carlson describes her dance as a “visual poetry.” The image is at the core of her work and visual arts constitutes a perpetual source of inspiration. This relation with the plastic creation explains that the choreographer has created several artworks exchanging with Mark Rothko, with whom she began talking in 2013, Joseph Beuys, to whom she devoted a performance in 2001, or even Olivier Debré, during the creation of Signes at the Opéra de Paris in 1997.

Carolyn Carlson keeps a low profile about the graphic art she produces aside. The gesture becomes a trace, the invisible becomes visible, in counterpoint to the ephemeral gesture of dance, which she defines as “the art of an instant in time and space.” Only one year ago, in the continuation of the exhibition Writings on water at the La Piscine Museum in Roubaix, agnès b. choose to present under its real form this unknown work of the artist in Paris. Carolyn Carlson has always been writing, drawing and painting in connection with her esthetic thinking and her improvisational work.

As soon as university, she gets used to write her impressions in a notebook. The first ink sketch came thanks to a breath in meditation class of a young American dancer in New York in the 60s’. Not only these two activities will never leave her, but they became the vector of her creation.

It’s this workshop practice that Carolyn Carlson invites you to discover under the glass roof of agnès b. premises with the unseen composition for Brush mind, no merit. The exhibition deploys intense inks, created on the floor, with patterns inspired from the elements (water, air), nature (wave, bird, tree) or from typical shapes (couple, clown). The reference to Orient, nourished by Carlson’s trips to Japan, is the ensō (the circle), looking for the perfect movement, perpetual and spontaneous. As a complement, the gallery present for the first time series of little faces Offrandes (2013) and the graphic poem Grass over wind (2018).

agnès b.
17, rue Dieu – 75010 Paris
From Monday to Friday (11am-7pm), free entrance

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