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Agnès b.

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A dance with Fred Astaire, Jonas Mekas

exhibition from January 18 to 26, 2018, in Paris
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After an exhibition and an exceptional opening in the New York Howard Street agnès b. galerie boutique in December 2017, Jonas Mekas, major figure of the American independent cinema, exhibits at the Paris galerie du jour agnès b. from January 18 to 26, 2018… the last exhibition of the galerie du jour located 44 rue Quincampoix, before its closing and re-opening within the agnès b. foundation… very soon!


Major figure of the New York underground and great friend of agnès b., Jonas Mekas is the last artist to exhibit in the gallery to its location at rue Quincampoix! The gallery closes end of January, to reopen in a new venue in 2019, within the agnès b. foundation.

Do not miss these historical moments and come to meet the 90 years old filmmaker who speaks so well of his “filmeur” experience, his native Lithuania and of the photograms which were shown to the public for the first time in the galerie du jour in 1996… the circle is completed!

On December 14th, at Howard Street, New York, Jonas Mekas does not only read extracts of his book and dedicate it, he sung during a small live concert.

Lectures by Jonas Mekas, Stefan Bondell and Lizzi Bougatsos. Musicals performance by Uzupis (Dalius Naujo, William Shore, Kenny Wollesen).


Known worldwide, Jonas Mekas is the main film-maker of the American experimental movies of the 60s and 70s. He is also one of co-founders of “Anthology Film Archive”, film library which promotes and collect hundreds of rare an independent movies.
Mekas recorded brief moments of his life with his camera 16mm and had the idea to extract images of his movies to make photographic edits: these photograms are the core of his movies, the basic unit same as poem verse.
At the same time narrative, documentary and poem, his bright and radical work testifies of his attachment in human beings, landscapes, nature, seasons. Now age of more than 80 years, he keeps on producing his movies and writing. Jonas Mekas showed his photograms to the public for the first time in the galerie du jour agnès b. in 1996 and was the very first artist to take posession of Point d’ironie, this white card given to an artist, 8 pages on improved newspaper paper, published by agnès b.

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